ALR offer special deals for pcbs this Summer

May 18, 2008
The welcome the arrival of the Summer, pcb broker ALR Services is offering a refreshing treat to its customers in the shape of a £25 voucher for every order placed in May and June, redeemable against orders placed between 1st of June and 31st August.

ALR Services Ltd. is one of the largest and longest-serving printed circuit board suppliers in Europe, providing  a wide range of circuit board technologies sourced from both UK and off-shore pcb manufacturers. Over the last 14 years, the Oxfordshire-based firm has built a loyal customer base through its dedication to customer service, competitive pricing and exhaustive knowledge of all things pcb.

The company recently expanded its flexible stockholding facilities with the addition of another 185m² of environmentally-controlled warehouse space. ALR Services operates several fulfilment schemes to enable customers to take advantage of bulk purchase pricing while spreading the cost across an extended period of up to six months. A customer’s pcbs are held in ALR’s warehouse until required, and are only invoiced on delivery. By shortening the period between income and expenditure, ALR’s customers are able to achieve far better control of their cash flow.

Having grown from modest roots itself, ALR is keenly aware of the importance of helping its customers stay competitive. The high percentage of repeat business enjoyed by the company gives some measure of their success in achieving that aim.

Jo Saltman, ALR’s sales manager, said, “The success of ALR has been built on the loyalty of our customers, and that’s something that is genuinely appreciated. We hope our Summer Special offer will go someway to demonstrating that appreciation.”

More details on ALR’s Summer Special deal, along with the terms and conditions of the offer, can be found at