ISE 2008 hailed as the best yet

January 31, 2008

As the doors close on this year’s ISE show in Amsterdam, it’s already being hailed as the best yet. Despite booking an unprecedented seven halls, the show still sold out six weeks before the opening. Figures are not yet available on visitor numbers, but annecdotal evidence also points to a big rise in attendance, with numbers coming through the door over the three-day event set to top all previous records. The sentiment expressed several times to me at this year’s show was very much “If you ain’t here, you ain’t nowhere!”

The Mitsubishi Electric stand at ISE 2008In terms of the new products on show, there were simply too many to mention. As one of the largest, Mitsubishi Electric’s fantastic 4.0mm Black Package LED screen absolutely dominated the show, both in terms of its impressive presence and its technical superiority. Such is the quality of the image that I for one have to keep reminding myself that it’s a daylight video screen and not a projection. And I think I’m not alone, as I noticed more than one person staring up into the ceiling looking for that elusive projector!  The Mitsubishi stand at ISE was the busiest I’ve ever seen it – testiment to the raft of new products on display including the FL7000 widescreen projector and a new videowall processor.

Digital Projection at ISE 2008No less impressive in its way was the Digital Projection stand. The circular screen, blended image and short-throw projection used on the stand combined to create an eye-catching exhibit that really stood out.

Floating in space3-D projection also seemed to be a feature of this year’s show, with many companies offering systems based on polorised filters, aimed mainly at the residential market apparently. Of more interest on the pro-side were several companies showing circular projection systems, such as the one shown here. Varying from the large to the very small, there were a number of implementations of this scanning projection technology, which I first ran across from Dynamax. Now it appears that this technology is finding an outlet in small scale digi-signage applications.

Digital signage was a major feature of this year’s event, with a large quantity of screens around the venue being run using the C-Nario system. The processor is apparently capable of running 10,000 channels simultaneously – more than enough for the biggest shopping mall. It does certainly appear that, finally, the digital signage revolution might be about to start rolling properly.

My impression of the show this year was that it was bigger, more colourful, more interesting and better supported than ever before. I for one am looking forward to the next one.


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Europe’s AV industry takes centre stage at ISE 2008

January 29, 2008

Trade shows are perhaps the best barometer of health for any business sector. And if this year’s ISE show is anything to go by, the Pro AV industry is in rude health indeed. ISE is pretty much the European trade show, and it appears that more companies than ever want to be part of the event. Having walked around the floor this afternoon, the show is substantially bigger than previous years, and there is an undeniable buzz in the air. The big-budget stands of Mitsubishi Electric, Sony and others give a clear indication of the serious business these companies expect to do here over the next few days.

There are very few industries these days where you could say there was a genuine buzz of anticipation and excitement. Audio-visual is one of that select few. No other industry combines technology, engineering flair and sheer entertainment in quite the same way. And along with IT, the products and technologies on show here in Amsterdam over the next few days plant a very clear signpost to the must-have entertainment technologies and high-tech working enviroments that we will all be clamouring after in the years to come. Looks like being a busy few days – and in a business enviroment clouded by economic uncertainty, it’s nice to be able to write about a business that has the self-belief, the self-confidence and optimism to put on a show like ISE.

AJ – in Amsterdam

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This work is licenced under a
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