Telepresence system “sets new standard”

Slightly gushing and over the top presentation, but an extremely impressive technology none the less. This post from InAVate magazine

Published 09 March 2010
Digital Video Enterprises has unveiled a telepresence system that not only simulates face-to-face meetings but can display nine foot wide 3D images that appear to float in mid-air. The Immersion Room solution scooped a Frost & Sullivan Telepresence Product award.

The meeting experience displays HD 3D holographic images of people for realistic videoconferencing.
"The Award was determined after a thorough review of the competing telepresence solutions and the DVE Immersion Room clearly has set a new standard for the potential realism of telepresence communication," said Paul Waadevig, principal consultant at Frost and Sullivan. "The whole point of telepresence is to simulate a meeting where people forget about technology and get down to business. The Immersion Room is a breakthrough in simulating face-to-face meetings that, literally, makes the users forget they are not all in the same room."

Immersion Room enables life-size images of people seen standing and walking about in the 3D physical space of the meeting room. Furthermore, the Room displays nine foot wide volumetric 3D images appearing to float in mid-air. The effect does not require special glasses.
The DVE Immersion Room is based on an extensive patent portfolio of augmented reality telepresence that places real-time images of people inside the middle of the room. The inclusion of hidden cameras that aim through the image are designed to create natural eye contact.

InAVate – Telepresence system “sets new standard”


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