Video ad runs in printed magazine

As revealed in InAVate

On September 18, when Entertainment Weekly subscribers in Los Angeles and New York open the latest issue of the show business title they will see a CBS advert with a difference. Thanks to Video-in-Print technology, developed by Americhip, the first video advertisement incorporated in a paper magazine is to be published, showing clips of the broadcast network’s upcoming programmes, interspersed with promotional videos for Pepsi.

Los Angeles headquartered Americhip, develops "multi-sensory marketing" and claims it has solutions that communicate with all five senses.

According to technology review site, CNET News, the screen has been under development for about two years. The one to be incorporated in the magazine is 2.7mm thick and has a resolution of 320×240. The battery lasts between 65 to 70 minutes but can be recharged with a mini USB cord via a jack. The screen uses TFT LCD technology and is enforced by protective polycarbonate.

Mini-speakers, incoporated in the screen, provide sound for the product described by Americhip as "the future of advertising".

InAVate – Video ad in printed magazine


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