Instore Media and Digital Signage, POPAI Japan

From DailyDOOH

POPAI Japan are holding an ‘Instore Media and Digital Signage’ event on July 31st

The seminar will feature interesting speakers making inroads into Japan’s instore market. Sony, B2B Solutions Department will lead off the event with a speech about their Mirutokuchannel service. The service targets supermarkets and provides value added content such as sale information, recipes, news and advertising.

The second speaker is from supermarket operator Summit and will introduce Summit Vision, their instore media channel. Summit uses a combination of screen, projector and LED technology to deliver instore content to shoppers.

Lastly, advertising agency powerhouse Asatsu DK, will deliver a presentation on Promotional Media development. ADK will cover instore purchase decision making and their vision of the future of instore media.

The half day event comes with a Japanese price tag as well, USD 250 per attendee.

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