Mitsubishi Electric Projector’s Green Initiative

As reported on the Projector People blog May 18th 2009

Mitsubishi new Green Initiative

Mitsubishi recently announced a new green initiative in their popular projector line. They outline some of the efforts they are taking to reduce their impact on the environment in an announcement below.

In order to lessen our impact on the environment and conserve natural resources, Mitsubishi Electric is committed to being socially responsible. Over the last few years, we have incorporated numerous environmentally friendly features into our products. In an effort to Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle the finite resources of our planet—the following are some eco-friendly initiatives we have implemented in the design and production of our projectors:

  • Energy-efficient, long-life lamps
  • Lead free solder on all Printed Circuit Boards
  • Our newest models consume less than 1W on standby mode
  • Use of recycled paper products for user reference guide and carton box
  • Projector cabinets are not painted, and conductive coating is not used
  • User manual has been converted from paper to a digital format (CD)
  • Compliant with both California and European RoHS standards

Guided by our commitment to make positive contributions to the Earth and its people through
technology and action, we will help bring about a sustainable society through our business activities
by promoting a wide range of distinctive, advanced technologies and proactive, ongoing
actions by our employees. We truly are making changes for the better.

The release also indicated that they are working on a recycling program in the near future. You can expect to see other projector manufacturers following suit – and others those that have been working on green efforts may begin touting their efforts.

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