ALR helps customers fight the recession

December 17, 2008

PCB supplier ALR Services has announced a number of measures to help its customers stay competitive and in control of their PCB costs during these difficult times for the UK electronics industry. These include free tooling for all new customers on their first orders, plus the opportunity to participate in our innovative Consignment Stock scheme, which has been designed to help customers minimise the amount of cash tied-up in PCB inventory.

To coincide with its participation in the Southern Electronics Show 2009 (FIVE, Farnborough 11th-12th February 2009), the company be offering free tooling to all new customers placing their first orders in January, February and March. ALR spends in excess of £4m annually on bare boards alone, which gives it considerable leverage when it comes to ensuring to most competitive pricing. Combined with the free tooling offer, this means significant savings for customers. The same buying-power also ensures high-quality reliable delivery, together with the outstanding levels of customer service and support for which ALR has become well-known within the industry.

ALR’s support extends to operating a variety of inventory control schemes, intended to help customers achieve optimum levels of manufacturing efficiency and control of cash flow. It was the first PCB supplier in the UK to offer a Consignment Stock system. Under this scheme, six month’s supply of PCBs are purchased and delivered to the customer in one shipment, delivering a substantial cost saving and incurring just one delivery charge. The customer reports back to ALR the number of boards used on a monthly basis, and they are invoiced for that amount only. The advantages of this scheme are many: ALR’s considerable buying power reduces unit cost to the bare minimum; the flexibility of having stock held on their premises means no waiting for PCB’s to be delivered, making the assembly process much more responsive, yet as the customer only pays for the amount of boards used in a particular month, the amount of cash tied-up in stock or goods for resale is minimised.

From initial prototyping, to full production, shipping, stock-holding and delivery, ALR manages the complete supply chain on behalf of its customers and is able to supply all printed circuit board technologies, in any quantity and on the most demanding of lead times. Unlike some other suppliers, it is not tied to any particular manufacturer or manufacturing process, allowing it  the freedom to match customer requirements to the manufacturer best placed to service them. ALR’s UK-based suppliers offer fast turnaround times – typically 24 hours – for small quantities; higher volume PCBs are sourced from one of its six approved manufacturers in Asia.

ALR’s 14-year record of success is testimony to its ability to deliver real value to its customers – even when times are tough. And as if the sweet sound of cash in the till wasn’t enough, one lucky visitor each day to its stand at Southern Electronics will be walking away with an iPod in its free prize draw. Visit stand A42 at Southern Electronics to learn more about ALR’s commitment to customer support and to take advantage of the free tooling offer.


Mitsubishi Electric launch new professional displays at ISE 2009

December 17, 2008

Mitsubishi Electric will reveal an unprecedented number of new products at ISE 2009 spanning its entire professional display range – the greatest number of new display products the company has ever revealed at a single European exhibition. Among the impressive line-up will be an entirely new generation of display wall cubes, a new 10mm 3-in-1 LED screen designed for high-performance digital signage installations, two new large-format professional-grade LCDs and a rental version of its Resolia “plug and play” LED screen.

Mitsubishi will officially launch its next generation of display wall cubes at ISE 2009. The new Seventy Series cubes will build upon the huge success of the company’s existing display wall cubes, over 35,000 of which have been installed worldwide to date. The new display is absolutely feature-packed and totally customisable, with components such as cabinet type, projection engine and colour wheels all individually selectable to match a customer’s exact requirements. Seventy Series systems also feature built-in processing, enabling sophisticated display walls to be built with no outboard hardware required. Various input options are available, with each cube being able to display up to six different sources in any configuration. Along with Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Brightness Balancing and Colour Space control, the Seventy Series cubes now also feature an automatic geometry adjustment facility. Using a machine vision system and special software, Seventy Series cubes adjust themselves automatically to create a perfect line-up in a fraction of the time it normally takes to achieve.

At ISE 2009, Mitsubishi will demonstrate the new Seventy Series cubes using an innovative video-over-IP system developed by the company that allows multiple video streams, such as those found in a typical CCTV system, to be distributed via LAN, decoded and displayed natively.

Mitsubishi display products already have a good reputation for reliability and low cost of ownership and the company has made several further improvements in this area with its Seventy Series cubes: The operational life of components such as colours wheel and fans has been dramatically extended and Mitsubishi’s unique automatic lamp-changer system has been enhanced to deliver even faster performance.

Digital signage is an increasingly important business area for Mitsubishi globally, and ISE 2009 will reveal several new products ideally suited to this rapidly-growing market. The company announced the addition of two new large-format LCDs to its comprehensive range of professional-grade displays this week, and both with be exhibited at ISE 2009 for the first time. The new displays, at 52′ and 65′ respectively, will offer full 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio and superb picture performance. As well as the usual landscape display format, the 65′ display is also available in a native portrait version designed specifically with public display applications such as signage and retail in mind.

Mitsubishi will also be exhibiting several new LED products for the first time at ISE 2009, including a new 10 mm 3-in-1 SMD outdoor LED screen-ODT10. New ODT10 employs high contrast 3in1 LED technology similar to that used in the company’s existing high-performance 4mm and 6mm indoor LED screens. The result is an outdoor screen of truly exceptional clarity and colour conformity, delivering accurate colour reproduction and fine detail, even at close range. Excellent brightness and contrast make ODT10 perfect for prestigious architectural applications such as shopping malls, passenger terminals or atriums.

Also shown at ISE 2009 for the first time will be a rental version of Mitsubishi’s Resolia 140′ ‘plug and play’ 4mm 3-in-1 LED display, seen for first time at ISE 2008 last year. The Resolia’s discrete, single-module construction makes it a very flexible, high-quality LED solution, ideal for wall or suspended mounting. The new rental version of Resolia will deliver this flexibility in a mobile form; its internal cabling and construction has been completely re-designed to enable it to be separated into two halves for transportation, and easily reassembled into a single, seamless display that’s ready to operate in minutes. Other new LED products on show at ISE 2009 include a new compact High-Definition digital display controller for its Diamond Vision LED screens The XDC4000 allows native full HD performance to be achieved from a single, standalone unit and includes a host of other built-in features such as dual-channel inputs, PiP overlay and automatic brightness control.

More details on these and other products to be launched at ISE 2009 will be available shortly on the Mitsubishi Electric website at