NTT testing new digital-signage tech in Tokyo

by Barnaby Page, editor, Screens.TV

Japan’s NTT and its NTT Com subsidiary today began testing systems that can distribute advertising content to digital-signage systems from multiple manufacturers and then estimate the audiences they reach.
If successful, the company’s researchers could smooth the way toward greater acceptance of digital out-of-home on the part of agencies and brands currently deterred by differing technical requirements for content and inconsistent audience measurement.
The tests will run until March in NTT’s labs and at four Tokyo locations: Shinagawa (pictured), Yokohama and Haneda Airport train stations and the Marunouchi Building.
They are based on two technologies from NTT’s Cyber Communications Laboratory Group – distribution management integration, which allows content to be dispatched to multiple different digital-signage platforms through a single interface, and advertising effectiveness measurement, based on video capture of audiences.
“Differences in the distribution and data formats of manufacturers have made it difficult to distribute ads on a wide scope,” the companies said.

NTT testing new digital-signage tech in Tokyo


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