LEDs Magazine – LED displays feature at Wimbledon, cricket venue


Mitsubishi screen knocks cricket fans for six

Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club’s new Diamond Vision screen made its International debut at Trent Bridge last month for the third npower Test Match between England and New Zealand.

Trent Bridge cricket ground

Architect Huw Evans of Maber Associates incorporated the 83 m2 ODQ10 Mitsubishi LED screen as an integral part of the new administrative building that adjoins the new stand at Nottingham.

The 10mm pitch Diamond Vision screen is driven at its native resolution of 864 x 960 to ensure optimum performance for both video and text. The majority of matches are non-televised and at these events the entire display operates as a traditional full-screen scoreboard. For televised events the portrait format enables a 56 m2 4:3 video picture to be displayed along with a 27 m2 abbreviated scoreboard.

Screen content is driven by a presentation system specially developed by screen installer Technographic Displays. Trent Bridge is the first cricket ground in the UK to install a Diamond Vision screen, although the system is already used at several cricket clubs in New Zealand and Australia.

Tom Paterson, Match Operations Manager at Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club with responsibility for overseeing the development of the ground, commented, "The display quality is fantastic and the TechEvent software is proving to be just as powerful, flexible and reliable as we had hoped. In fact, we have yet to explore its full potential and look forward to doing so. The screen attracted universal praise at the Test Match, with many pundits describing it as the ‘best in cricket’."

LEDs Magazine – LED displays feature at cricket venue


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