Dallas Cowboys announce world’s largest Mitsubishi Electric HD screen for new stadium

April 23, 2008

Dallas Cowboys\' incredible new Mitsubishi Electric screenThe Dallas Cowboys, one of the most instantly recognisable names in American football, have selected Mitsubishi Electric to provide a ground-breaking integrated system of high-definition LED video displays, LED fascia ribbon boards and scoreboards for their new stadium, which is scheduled to open for the 2009 NFL Football season. When completed, the stadium is itself expected to become a record-breaker, taking the title of the world’s biggest domed stadium and the world’s largest column-free room.


Dominating the awesome new stadium will be a one-of-a-kind, four-sided scoreboard featuring the world’s largest LED high-definition (1080p) video display. The centre-hung structure will consist of four Diamond Vision video screens. The two main sideline displays will measure an impressive 22m high by 49m wide, while the two end-zone displays will measure 9m high by 15.5m wide. The whole system will be suspended 33.5m directly over the centre of the playing surface and stretch from one 20-yard line to the other.

“One of the central design elements of our new stadium is our centre hung scoreboard. This unique feature will be an iconic symbol of our building for years to come”, said Jerry Jones, owner and general manger, Dallas Cowboys Football Club. “When we were making the decision on whom to entrust with the responsibility of making our vision a reality, the quality and clarity in the Mitsubishi Diamond Vision boards was unmatched.”

The new displays will allow fans on any level of the stadium to easily view the action, creating a premium on the value of the upper-level seats. And no matter where they sit, Mitsubishi Electric’s exclusive 20-mm pixel pitch technology ensures the brightest, clearest images from any angle, with virtually no colour distortion.

“The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most innovative teams in the NFL, and their new stadium reflects that”, said Mark Foster, general manager of Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision Systems in the US. “The scoreboard is certainly going to add excitement and bring the fans closer to the game.”

Mitsubishi Electric will also install nearly 1.2km of its Diamond Vision LEDerAdTM LED fascia system; these stunning ribbon displays will ring the stadium and add a new level of excitement and visibility for sponsors. The Cowboys are the second premier sports franchise to choose Diamond Vision this month. On the 1st of April, Mitsubishi Electric announced it would install a high-definition scoreboard at the New York Yankees’ new stadium, scheduled to open in 2009.


Success of Midlands Manufacturing Show underlines the benefit of regional exhibitions

April 17, 2008

Last month’s Midlands Manufacturing Technology Show demonstrated the effectiveness of regional engineering exhibitions in bringing together buyers, producers and service companies in their area. Over a thousand manufacturing decision-makers from the Midlands area were able to experience the latest manufacturing tools and technologies brought literally to their doorstep by this unique annual showcase of local industrial expertise.

The convenience of regional industrial shows makes it much easier for busy industry professionals to attend. One visitor commented, “Attending national industrial exhibitions is difficult for us; the time and expense involved simply doesn’t translate into benefit for our business. Regional shows like the Midlands Manufacturing Technology show, however, are highly relevant, easily reached and an excellent way for us to meet new suppliers and keep in touch with what’s happening in our region.”

For exhibitors at the show, being able to promote their goods and services directly into the UK’s industrial heartland delivered a powerful competitive advantage. Mark Longworth, sales manager for B & M Longworth, commented, “The show has exceeded our previous record for new qualified sales leads. Six site visits have been arranged, which include some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. We leave as very happy exhibitors.”

Aaron Benson, of Benson Engineering, said “As an Irish company, these regional shows are an ideal opportunity to assess local markets for turned parts. It would be impossible to make the number of contacts I’ve made over the last two days any other way.”

Midlands Manufacturng Technology is just one of a stable of highly successful regional industrial events organised by European Trade & Exhibition Services (ETES), which includes Southern Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technology Ireland and North West Manufacturing. All the events share a common format, tailored to meet the needs of the individual markets they serve. Entry to all the ETES shows is free and includes entry to popular seminar programmes covering topics such as Kaizen/Six Sigma, Achieving success in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors, Lean Manufacturing, Innovation and Knowledge-Based Engineering.

The next event in the ETES calendar of regional industrial shows is North West Manufacturing & Electronics, Reebok Stadium, Bolton 11-12th of June. For free tickets and to register for any of the free seminars, visit http://www.industry.co.uk/NorthWest/default.asp


AT&T stores to trial Microsoft ‘Surface’

April 7, 2008

According to aka.tv, full scale trials of Microsoft’s Surface interative table top are about to begin in the ‘States. This is a significant landmark in the development of gesture-based interfaces, and something we are sure to be seeing a lot more of in the next few years. Products like Surface allow technology to become much more user-transparent, and therefore much more accessible. The combination of Surface and mobile phones is an excellent example of how this can work in practice.

AT&T Stores in 5 locations across the US, will be the first to install the new Microsoft touch-screen interactive 30″ tabletop display – ‘Surface’ – on 17th April.

Customers will be able to place one of eight handsets on the display, and the computer will immediately recognize the phone and present information on the device. Placing another phone on Surface will allow users to trigger side-by-side cost and feature comparisons of the handsets.

As well as general media on the phones, AT&T is touting the ability for customers to view an interactive network coverage map. By using two fingers to pinch or expand the map, users can zero in on their homes, offices and schools to ensure AT&T provides them with good cellular coverage. In the near future, AT&T plans to allow users to customize their phones through Surface by dragging icons of ring tones, graphics and videos over to their handset.

The roll out will then continue through May – and should eventually reach all 2,000 outlets.

Rocket car aims for bio-fuel speed record

April 4, 2008

Laffin Gas at full throttleThere could be a new speed record established for alternative fuelled cars at Shakespeare County Raceway this weekend following successful tethered tests of the unique rocket powered dragster; ‘Laffin Gas’ at a remote farm in Northamptonshire.

Powered by a mixture of liquid nitrous oxide and vegetable oil the Laffin-Gas rocket dragster is the brainchild of David Knight and Carolynne Campbell, who are confident that the technology could be applied equally well to the rocket-assisted take-off of aircraft and UAVs. The car’s hybrid rocket motors were developed and built entirely by the Laffin Gas team headed by husband and wife Carolynne Campbell and David Knight, along with Fred Thomas and a dedicated team of specialists and helpers.
Speaking at the recent Southern Manufacturing Show, where the car was on display, David Knight explained that each of the car’s four rocket tubes are lined with thick cardboard, soaked in cooking oil – effectively a bio-fuelled rocket engine. The cardboard is burnt in a high-pressure stream of nitrous oxide to create a hypersonic exhaust flow – and an amazing amount of noise! The nitrous oxide is held in four high-pressure cylinders, one for each throttle valve and motor. The valves are solenoid operated and open against the flow of the liquid. Any interruption of electrical power causes them to shutdown instantly. The pyrotechnic charges that start ignition are set off by glow plugs.

David comments, “Our dragster is capable of producing 4000 to 8000 lbs of thrust, and has a power to weight ratio that is four to five times that of a Formula 1 racing car; yet it’s designed to be reliable and re-used over and over again.”

Carolynne, Laffin Gas’s driver adds: “We wanted a rocket-powered car that we could run regularly and reliably. We first got the idea about four years ago, when we saw a tiny rocket car at a track. It made lots of noise, but it wasn’t very quick. We built our dragster ourselves and it works,” she said.

“This weekend we are hoping to set an early benchmark for the top speed of over 200 mph for a bio-fuel powered car,” Carolynne added. “This will also be our first chance to test the new pilot ignition set-up which performed so well in recent tethered testing.”

Styling themselves the “Fred Dibnah’s of rocket science”, the Laffin Gas team have made impressive progress in developing hybrid rocket technology to the point where it is a highly effective, clean-burning and comparatively safe propulsion system, ideally suited to drag racing.

New York Yankees Choose Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision for New Stadium

April 2, 2008

The New York Yankees have selected Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision™ to provide the main center field, high-definition video-scoreboard display for the new Yankee Stadium, scheduled to open for the 2009 season.

This installation continues the long-standing relationship between the New York Yankees and Mitsubishi Electric, which in 1983 installed one of the first Diamond Vision™ video displays in Major League Baseball. The Yankees organization felt the exceptional performance of Diamond Vision™ over the past 25 years and Mitsubishi Electric’s proven experience with large-scale, true high-definition LED displays merited continuing the Mitsubishi Electric tradition in the new stadium.

Mitsubishi Electric is the leader in supplying high-definition large scale video displays and the Yankees’ new scoreboard will be the first true high-def LED display in Major League Baseball using Mitsubishi Electric’s high-density Diamond Vision™ AVL-ODQ8 LED product. Mitsubishi Electric’s unique Q-Series display will provide Yankees fans with stunning HD imagery and allow for the display of up to four simultaneous 1080 HD images.

“The Yankees are thrilled to have a Diamond Vision scoreboard in the new Yankee Stadium,” said Lonn Trost, the Yankees chief operating officer. “We’ve had Diamond Vision displays for nearly 25 years, and are excited about opening the new ballpark with the latest technology available.”

The Diamond Vision™ scoreboard has 8,601,600 LED lamps and is nearly 101 feet wide and 59 feet tall, producing 5,925 square-feet of brilliant, high-definition display area. The display will be driven by Mitsubishi Electric’s state-of-the-art DSC2 Digital Display Controller, providing picture-in-picture type technology with the flexibility to show one large 1080 HD image, several HD images, messages, scoring or other data simultaneously. By comparison, the scoreboard in use today at Yankee Stadium measures 24.9-inches X 32.8-inches with 486,400 LED lamps.



Engineers make first active matrix display using nanowires

April 1, 2008

Engineers make first ‘active matrix’ display using nanowires from PhysOrg.com

Engineers have created the first “active matrix” display using a new class of transparent transistors and circuits, a step toward realizing applications such as e-paper, flexible color monitors and “heads-up” displays in car windshields.

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