Plasma breaks 150″ – But to what end?

09 January 2008 19:12

As reported in AV Interactive, Panasonic has shown a 150in diagonal plasma screen at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The massive plasma display panel (PDP) reportedly has an 8.84m pixel resolution (2,160 x 4,096) more than four times the 1080p HD specification (1,080 x 1,920). The screen size is equivalent to nine 50in PDPs with an effective viewing area of 11 ft  wide x 6.25ft high.


Impressive – certainly. But it’s rather intriguing what market Panasonic are shooting at with this beast. For sure the resolution and clarity would be impressive, but it’s not bright enough for retail environments like a shop window, for example. Being plasma, it’s also not suitable for C3i or control room applications involving the long term dislay of static graphics. Rental? That glass sure looks heavy and fragile – not to mention awkward to move around. Corporate display or boardrooms might be a possibility, but perhaps not the most economical option in terms of capital and running costs.


Mitsubishi Electric’s new LED-based Resolia looks to be a more carefully thought-out solution to large-format, high resolution displays. Designed for long term operation in very high ambient light environments, what Resolia lacks in resolution compared to Panasonic’s 150″, it more than makes up for in contrast, longevity and low cost of ownership

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