New company promises event organisers more bang for their buck

Event organisers are “Missing out on significant revenue opportunities through ineffective media management”, claims the founder of a new business that aims to put live event organisers firmly in charge of their valuable media assets.

The new company, Event Integration, is the brainchild of Christopher Milnes, former Managing Director of big-screen specialists Massteknik UK and well-known personality within the European event production industry. Event Integration combines hardware and media content management into a truly integrated solution that allows organisers to make the most of the wide range of revenue opportunities that now exist through concerts, festivals, sporting fixtures and public gatherings.

“What we are trying to achieve,” explains Christopher, “Is the bringing together of all the disparate elements of a major event to ensure that the event producer has the opportunity to derive maximum value from their brand. An integrated approach which encompasses the whole event – from design to  rights management and out-of-home advertising – is massively important in fully developing the commercial aspects of an event.” With technology moving rapidly, Christopher warns that some producers are missing out: “Organisers sometimes fail to grasp the potential that exists today, meaning that opportunities often remain significantly underexploited.”   

The key to Event Integration’s approach is its ability to manage both the hardware and media aspects of an event. Christopher continues, “We provide the delivery infrastructure, such as LED screens and OB facilities, as well as collateral equipment such as plasma screens in hospitality areas; but we also provide and manage the media content. Having both elements under the management of a single entity means that it is far easier to leverage the value of this content. For example, in the short term such as onward transmission to live TV, or in the longer term, such recording and offline editing for later release.” Event Integration also provides the means to capitalise on the value of an event’s media delivery channels through sponsorship, DVD sell-through and even e-commerce. “With 3G services now widely available”, comments Christopher, “An event’s video screens can effectively become point-of-purchase advertising for music or video downloads. With the technology available to us on-site, we now have the capability to produce, market and deliver media content virtually in real time through webcasts and download. For an organiser or event sponsor, that’s an incredibly powerful marketing tool to have at their disposal.”

Event Integration began trading in the Summer and has already been in action in Europe and the Middle East. “The response from clients to our combination of on-site media management and event hire services has been extremely positive,” says Christopher. “Clients have been quick to realise the kind of value that we can add to their event. We expect next year is going to be rather busy!”

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