Mitsubishi Electric previews latest LED technology in Japan

Mitsubishi Electric has previewed production prototypes of its latest LED display at the CEATEC technology show in Japan. Named Resolia, the new system is the first Mitsubishi LED display designed specifically for indoor digital signage applications. Despite a display size measuring an impressive 1.8m tall by 3.1m wide (140” screen diagonal), the Resolia is just 150mm deep, making it the slimmest LED screen ever produced by Mitsubishi. The ultra-thin profile of Resolia enables its use in places until now considered impractical for LED systems.

The use of digital signage is growing rapidly around the world. Due to its high light output, LED is an extremely effective display technology in applications such as railway stations, airports, shopping malls and atriums where high ambient light levels are common. However its relatively large form factor, weight and space requirement for cooling and maintenance has so far limited its appeal in many situations where it would otherwise provide the ideal solution. Applications such as shop windows or display cases, for example. Along with the physical problems of module size and weight, indoor LED screens are usually assembled in-situ from smaller individual LED modules, the fitting and aligning of which is a labour-intensive and time-consuming task.

Despite being based on Mitsubishi’s tried-and-tested LED technology, Resolia has been designed from the ground up as a pure-bred digital signage solution that is practical, easy and quick to install in virtually any location. Through careful redesign on the internal layout and improved cooling systems, the depth of the Resolia display has been reduced to 150mm – half the depth of Mitsubishi’s existing IDT series screens. Resolia is also completely front access, meaning it can be installed flush against an area boundary or wall, greatly reducing the space required. Finally, its integrated screen design means that installation is simply a matter of connecting signal and power cables. No further LED module alignment is needed.

The display specifications of Resolia are identical to Mitsubishi’s highly successful IDT4 Diamond Vision system: True 4.00mm pixel pitch, 3-in-1 LEDs deliver 1500cd/m² light output  and startlingly clear image quality. Resolia employs the same “Black Package” LEDs as used in the  IDT4 screens to deliver exceptional contrast performance and perfect noise-free blacks. Clever design ensures viewing angles of 120º vertical and 150º horizontal, with no colour distortion even when viewed off-axis. A pixel density of 62,500 pixels/m² reduces minimum viewing distance is just 1m, making Resolia ideal for close-viewed applications such as shop displays. Its exceptionally slim, front access design and relatively low weight makes Resolia a very practical solution for most retail and public environments.

Resolia enters full production on November 1st and will be launched officially in Europe at ISE 2008 in January. Pre-production preview models will be on show at SATIS in Paris (October 23-25),  Broadcast in Madrid (November 6-9), at ISE Russia (November 8-9) and SoccerEx 07 at the Sandton Centre in South Africa (November 25-28).


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