About Face

Mitsubishi Electric incorporated a function to estimate sex and the number of people into “gate-shape multi DLP,” a system composed of multiple DLP rear projectors installed in the shape of a gate, and exhibited the setup.

For example, it is expected to be used in an application where the gate-shape multi DLP is installed at the entrance of commercial facilities to display the information on the shop determined to be the most appropriate based on sex and the number of people who walk through it. Specifically, the system recommends a bar if a couple walks through it, while introducing a cafe if the passerby is a female.

Because the system has to provide information to passersby, the recognition speed is most crucial. In the demonstration, the system required 1/3 second for the face recognition. While the accuracy of recognition is important to a certain degree, in an actual application, “it is the way of outputting recognition results that matters,” said a demonstrator from Mitsubishi Electric.

In case of a false recognition, a female customer would be offended if the system indicated “you are a male.” No serious problems occur, however, if the system displays information on a restaurant preferred by both male and female. The company reportedly completed the technical development including the face recognition and further development toward commercialization, such as the evaluation of content, is ready to be initiated at the request of clients.


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