Surf’s up – Ocean City’s public wireless network

The internet is so much part of everyday life for so many people in the developed world, that access to it has arguably become an essential of modern living. The story below is an example of a growing trend around the world for municipalities to provide it as a public service. Certainly a useful development, but perhaps also a significant indicator of the increasing desire of people to use the power of the internet to free them from reliance on specific physical locations in which to work or enjoy online social interaction.  AJ
July 30, 2007 Ocean City, New Jersey, is about to become one of the first American dot com-munities. As part of a $3 million plan to upgrade public services in the popular tourist destination, small wi-fi transmitters are being installed on light posts to drench the city in a wireless internet network. Access to the high speed broadband will be free for the residents and will be available to tourists for a small charge. And with a tourist base that increases the town’s population from 15,000 to 130,000 in the summer, it’s a safe bet the council will more than get their money back. .
30 July 2007, 14:39:09 – Gizmag Emerging Technologies Magazine

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